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CREDY-Metal Credit Card

CREDY-Metal Credit Card

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What kind of product is CREDY?

A metal credit card made of platinum metal, making it unique and rare.

How to order?

Please choose your favorite color from here and place your order.
After that, we will proceed with the design on the official line .

Can I use ATMs?

We do not recommend using ATMs. It may or may not be available depending on the region, country, or type of ATM. Also, since it is a metal card, it is heavier than a regular debit or credit card. If your card is stolen by an ATM, please contact the support listed on the ATM immediately.

What is the expiry date of the card?

The expiry date of your CREDY card is limited to a specific period, just like your credit card. For example, if the expiration date of the card being transferred to CREDY is May 5, 2025, that will be the expiration date of the CREDY card.
Before using your credit card, we recommend that you check the expiration date of your credit card and, if it is nearing its expiration date, go through the reissue procedure to obtain a new expiration date.

Is CREDY a credit card?

CREDY does not have credit card functionality and is provided as a "metal card". Customers can use CREDY by transferring their credit card functions. However, LUXGATE is not responsible for any trouble or damage that may occur in this case. Please consider carefully and understand the procedure before purchasing.

How to use it?

Customers who purchase after confirming the design will be informed of the details of the migration procedure through the official line.