What is LUXY?

This smart card is made from platinum metal and is durable for a lifetime.
A new-age business card that combines a unique design with advanced NFC technology.
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How is it different from other business cards?

Each LUXY business card is handcrafted one by one.
We also provide completely custom-made designs by our exclusive designers.
NFC technology allows smart business card exchange.

Is there a use for it other than business cards?

Luxy has the potential to be more than just a business card.
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1. Fine-dining restaurant and bar menus: Create stylish and memorable menu cards with Luxy. Give your customers a different experience with a stylish design.

2. Membership card for upscale restaurants and bars: Luxy can also be used as a membership card. With its elegant design, Luxy enhances the feeling of privilege when offering special memberships and VIP services.

3. You can use the tap function to receive Google reviews for your store: By taking advantage of Luxy's tap function, you can create a system that allows customers to write Google reviews easily and stylishly. More positive reviews will increase your credibility.

4. Instantly access Wi-Fi with a tap: By using Luxy as a Wi-Fi access card, customers can enjoy smooth connectivity without any hassle. A comfortable experience will impress your customers.

Now Luxy offers more value than a business card and can be used in any business or service situation.

What is the difference between grades?


With lock
Unable to update NFC information (registered information at time of purchase is fixed)

No lock
NFC information can be updated (flexible changes possible)

Unlocked Priority Orders The product will be designed and manufactured on a priority basis.
This service is designed to meet particularly advanced customization requests.

How do I order a custom design?

Check out the detailed ordering process on this page !