The appeal of LUXY (NFC smart metal business card)

Using Japan's first premium metal material
NFC-equipped smart business card name is “ LUXY

The appeal of LUXY (NFC smart metal business card)

1. Overwhelming first impressions of metal smart business cards

First impressions in business are very important. LUXY has achieved overwhelming differentiation in this respect. The texture of the metal material sets it apart from traditional paper business cards, and leaves a special impression on the recipient. Furthermore, the effort it takes to tap on your phone creates a great impression on the other person. The design is completely original and its uniqueness leaves a lasting impression.

2. Eco-friendly product that lasts a lifetime

LUXY is not a disposable metal material, but a metal material that can be used for a lifetime. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly product. If you're looking to reduce the waste of paper business cards and make sustainable choices, we've got you covered. You can change your profile anytime, anywhere, and always keep your profile up to date.

3. Perfect for business owners and freelancers

LUXY is especially suitable for business owners, freelancers, and sole traders. One-click registration allows for easy contact management. It is packed with features perfect for those who want to concentrate on work. It also supports restaurant menus and allows you to instantly create Google reviews.

4. Easy contact management with one-click registration

Registration is completed with one click, without the need to enter complicated information. The ability to easily manage contacts is a powerful ally for busy business people. If you choose digital business cards, you can manage them more efficiently and with less effort.

These are some of the charms of LUXY. By acquiring this revolutionary product, your business will evolve to a new dimension. We will explore even more charm in the next article, so please look forward to it! Have a good business life!

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